Monday, January 4, 2010

Setting The Trend for 2010 - BTSH Around The House Tip of the Week

Lots of fun and exciting trends emerge for 2010. Some began their appearance first in 2009, but we will see them reach a new level in 2010. Get ready for more “green” products, both in colour and eco-awareness, as well as a break from the modern contemporary to add some warmth, coziness, and colour to the traditional contemporary style. Colours will reflect some retro appeal, and appear big and bold (more on this in next week’s ATH article). As well, accent walls make a grand return, with lots of different styles and textures explored. The big theme for 2010 will be mixing it up. Forget the rules you knew when it came to decorating, and feel free to be creative and expressive in colours, patterns, and styles.

Accent Walls
While accent walls have been around for a while, 2010 you will see lots of different styles and textures in accent walls. While a simple bold colour can still be seen as a great accent, other materials such as wallpaper, which began its return in 2009, will be much more prominent. Look for bold patterns, as well as paintable wallpapers that add even more texture to a room. Accent walls will also feature textures such as grasscloth in various styles and patterns, and wainscoting, as seen in the image to right.

Not limited simply to the walls, textures will add a sense of comfort to a room. Layer and mix various fabrics such as wool, velvet, organic fabrics, furs, and even leathers. Also, as wallpaper makes it’s big comeback look for wallpapered ceilings to add texture to any room.

Bold Mix of Patterns
Another way to add texture will be through patterns. Forget symmetry. Who says you can only have one pattern in a room? Mix and match various patterns, such as stripes with paisleys and flowers with checkers. Have fun with patterns in your walls, textiles, and accent pieces.

Mix High with Low
If there is one great thing that emerged from our most recent recession, it’s the importance of “thrifty” living and sustainability. 2010 will feature a great deal of re-purposing, keeping with the eco-friendly theme, as well as adding character. To avoid looking like a thrift-store junkie, mix select high-end pieces with the classic refurbished pieces. Again, showcasing the retro theme, and mixing the old with the new.

Original Art
Another trend that the recession inspired was do-it-yourself artwork. While I love to support local emerging artists, I also appreciate the uniqueness and originality of this new art trend. Consider painting a wall with chalk board paint to allow the freedom to change up quotes and images as often as you like. Encourage your guests to contribute to the masterpiece. Or purchase word decals to create a phrase to reflect your home’s style and your personality. Various sites online to order from.

Written by Shauna Lynn, Beyond The Stage Homes

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