Monday, March 8, 2010

Displaying Your Artwork - BTSH Around The House Tip of the Week

As a general rule, artwork should always be displayed at eye level. This means that while it might seem like a good idea to center the art on the wall, it may not catch your eye the way that you would like. Of course, this rule is often broken, so if you’re looking to break away from tradition, here are some ideas for displaying your art.

Don’t Hang It, Display It
Who says you need to actually “hang” your artwork? Consider displaying pieces of art on narrow art shelves. Or, display several pieces on a mantel. Choose different sizes and overlap slightly for extra effect.

Grouping Art
Group several similar pieces together and display as one unit. Each piece should share a common theme, whether it’s simply a colour tone, or image similarity. You can choose to hang symmetrically, by framing all in the same frame style and size, or you can choose to display all different size pieces. If choosing this method, I suggest laying them out first on the floor or a table, to determine placement. Then measure the whole unit and ensure that the space you have chosen is appropriate.

Lighting Your Artwork
A beautiful piece of art can be lost if not properly lit. Display in a well-lit room, or provide accent lighting, such as wall sconces on each side, or installing a picture light above or below the piece of art. This technique for lighting your artwork also makes the piece a focal point in the room, and captures attention.

Hanging It
For a more casual atmosphere, hang your groupings in an asymmetrical pattern. Wherever you choose to hang your artwork, be sure to choose picture hangers appropriate for your art, and your wall. If you’re unsure, ask for assistance at your local hardware store.

Choosing Your Artwork
This has been touched on briefly in other pieces I have written, but I like to compare choosing art to choosing wine—there really is no wrong choice. If you love it, then make it work. Be sure to blend colours to the room and the art’s surroundings though. Also, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Some great artists create masterpieces through metal works. It’s not just about a brush to canvas. Wreaths, empty picture frames, old windows, architectural pieces, and other objects can all impart unique style to your home. Take a favourite hi res photo and enlarge and frame it. Whatever it is, let it inspire you, whether it’s by the colours the artist has chosen, it’s unique style, or the story it tells. Remember that you are looking at these pieces more often than your guests, so be sure to select pieces that you will enjoy.

Written by Shauna Lynn, Beyond The Stage Homes

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