Monday, August 10, 2015

What is Depersonalizing?

Family portraits and vacation photos are great reminders of loved ones and special times, so it’s natural to want to surround yourself with happy memories. The key to remember, when selling your home, is that these are your memories. If you’ve ever sold a home, you may have been asked by your real estate agent or home stager to remove all personal photos, but may not have truly understood the reasons for this depersonalizing. In fact, you may be wondering what depersonalizing is!

Depersonalizing, when selling your home, refers to the act of removing anything that tells your story.

So why is it so important?

The product for sale here is your house, not the items in the house, and personal items, especially photos, can be very distracting to your potential buyers. When your buyer sees one of these photos on display, not only is it a reminder that they are walking through a stranger’s home, but they may stop to look at the photo to see if they know the people in it, or the place where the photo was taken. This distraction could mean that they miss out on key features and selling points of your home.

That being said, depersonalizing does not only refer to removing personal photos, but it could also refer to a number of other personal items. Ensure ALL of the following items are removed from the home, before listing it for sale:
-          Souveniers
-          Medals
-          Awards
-          Trophies
-          Collections
-          Your name on a wall (decals)
-          Diplomas

By removing these items, you are creating a welcoming environment, and allowing your potential buyers to fully visualize themselves in your home. Of course, now that these items are removed, you will likely find yourself with some “empty” spaces. While they may not all need to be filled (remember, when it comes to setting up your house for sale, less really is more), it’s a good idea to hang some neutral artwork pieces, and display a few accessories and books to give the home that extra cozy feel.

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