Sunday, August 26, 2018

4 Tips for Hosting an Epic End-of-Summer Party

With Labour Day approaching, so too comes the inevitable end of summer. If you are looking to throw an end of summer party, you’re your backyard is lacking a bit, the Canadian Tire CANVAS collection has you covered with affordable, durable, and inviting pieces.

Tip #1: Keep it Comfortable, and Keep it Conversational

Create a central gathering space for your guests – somewhere that they can eat, drink, and socialize comfortably. The CANVAS Dashley Patio Dining Table, with it’s sophisticated and sturdy pedestal base, makes a bold statement and provides the perfect place to congregate. Be sure to surround the table with chairs that are not only stylish, but inviting as well. The CANVAS Dashley Cast Patio Dining Chairs are a classic look with curved armrests and removable cushioning that provides an extra level of comfort.

Tip #2: Create an Ambient Atmosphere

With the days getting shorter, be sure to have some great outdoor lighting. When the sun goes down, you can keep the party going, and create an elegant atmosphere.

We love the CANVAS Brooklyn String lights, they have an industrial chic look that is on-trend, and are super durable. You can attach up to 7 strands for coverage throughout the yard. Adding lanterns throughout the yard are great for setting the mood as well. The CANVAS Chantilly Lantern is a favourite due to its weather resistance, and stylish design. It works easily with any décor and brightens the space beautifully.

Tip #3: Create a Warm Welcome

As the summer enters fall, we can expect cooler temperatures, and in Canada, we like to squeeze every last bit out of summer. Keep the party going into the night by ensuring your guests are comfy and warm with a fire table, such as the modern style CANVAS Granville Gas Fire Table. The stainless steel burner on this table protects it from Canadian weather with extra durability, and its 26,000 BTUs are sure to keep your guests toasty. For an extra layer of warmth, keep  some outdoor blankets on hand, such as the CANVAS Striped Outdoor Throw – these are great to cuddle up in and enjoy the evening.

Tip #4: Presentation is Everything

Have you ever attended that party that looked like it was taken right out of the magazine? I’m going to help you to achieve that with some finishing touches for your epic outdoor party. Whether serving your guests food or beverages, do it in style with the CANVAS Grappa Beverage Cart. This cart helps to complete the comfortable vibe you’ve created, with wheels to make it easy to move around the yard as needed. Complete with weather-resistant wicker baskets, keep everything that you need easily stored and at your fingertips. Easily chill your drinks in the CANVAS Oval Outdoor Party Tub, a unique flare to the standard drink cooler, and serve up your tasty treats from in the super durable Serving Bowl and Dip Bowl Set. No hospitality industry experience? No problem! Serve your guests like a pro with the CANVAS 3-piece Galvanized Tray Set, a great way to present your appetizers or desserts with flare. They can even be used for a decorative display such as candles, plants, and whatever else you want to use to elevate your party presentation to the next level.

What better way to say farewell to summer then to top it off in style with a fabulous backyard party with the help of the Canadian Tire CANVAS line. Host an epic end of summer party that will provide memories for your guests long after the snow begins to fly.

Click here to see Shauna Lynn talking about the CANVAS line and how to host an epic end-of-summer party on CTV Kitchener with Nancy Richards.


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  4. You touched the best point in this post, presentation is everything, if we choose simple party supplies but present them well then results will be great.


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