Monday, May 9, 2016

Your BTSH Team: Marina Hermann

If you’ve ever called the BTSH office, you’ve probably talked to Marina. She is the Executive Assistant – a.k.a. the glue that holds the BTSH team together. Most of her work happens behind the scenes, as she keeps the office organized and the team operating efficiently. Her attention to detail and positive attitude have been an asset to BTSH since she joined the company two years ago.

“Before BTSH, I always worked for big, public companies as an Executive Assistant to the President and the CEO,” she said. “I worked for Hewlett-Packard for seven years, then for ARISE Technologies Corporation for 14 years, but I was ready for a change.”

Marina started at BTSH at just a few hours each day, but quickly took on more hours and responsibility as Shauna Lynn recognized that she was capable of handling a much larger workload. Her position was expanded from part-time administration to a full-time executive support role. She now has her hands in just about everything, including organizing the monthly home seller workshops, SLS Academy, Shauna Lynn’s scheduling, coordinating communication with clients, vendors and realtors, and much more.

“We couldn’t do what we do without the help and support that Marina provides. For over two years now, she has helped us to transform our office, which now runs like a fine-oiled machine! She helps to keep everything in order, and ensures that we stay on track while allowing us to do what we do best – designing and staging houses,” said Shauna Lynn, owner of BTSH.

As a side project, Marina and her husband used to flip houses. They purchased run down places, then spent a few months fixing them up to sell at a profit. Because of this experience, she is able to help out with stages, de-stages, and finishing touches on jobs as needed.

“When I saw the job posting for this position, I thought it would be a great fit for me because of my experience in administration, but also my love for interior design.  It was the best of both worlds!” Marina said.

Marina now handles the administration of the entire BTSH office and is a valued member of the team!

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