Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Inexpensive Kitchen Updates that Sell

1. Light Fixtures 

Review all of your lighting in your kitchen and identify when it was last updated? This includes your eating area, above your island (if applicable), and above the sink. As a general rule, if the light fixtures have not been installed within the past 10 years, they will likely need to be replaced. If the light fixtures are the original ones that the builder installed, they should likely be replaced.

Here is what not to do:

Here are some great alternative options: 

While you’re updating your lighting, why not consider adding under-cabinet lights? These add a great task lighting and are a great selling feature! 

2. Faucet/Sink 

Out with the old, and in with the new! If your faucet is showing age and/or wear, upgrading it can be a great low-cost update. 

Find something with a spray head included, and select a faucet that compliments the overall style of the kitchen (i.e. that antique style faucet may look nice, but if your house is a newer house with clean lines and very little traditional style and feel, it may not be the best choice). Brushed nickel is still the preferred choice for the kitchen, but if your light fixtures and/or door hardware has been upgraded to an oil-rubbed bronze, you may want to consider adding a faucet to match. 

Stainless steel sinks are becoming a thing of the past, and are being traded up in favour of granite sinks and other alternatives. If you are replacing your countertops, it would be a great time to consider replacing your sink as well (note that if you are not replacing your counters, you will need to find a sink that is comparable in size to your current sink, and may require some minor counter adjustments to be made).

3. Cabinet Hardware

Plastic, wooden, brass, or other outdated cabinet hardware should be upgraded in favour of a newer style and finish. Again, brushed nickel is the preferred choice, however oil-rubbed bronze is a great consideration if it compliments other aspects of the home. This could be one of the least expensive updates in your kitchen, with the greatest impact.

4. Refinish/Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Remember that when selling a home, our goal is to provide a move-in ready house. If the kitchen cabinets are in need of a facelift but a full renovation is not in the budget, consider painting or refinishing them instead.

5. Backsplash

A backsplash is the finishing touch that every kitchen needs. It’s like that last accessory that you put on to complete your outfit before heading for an evening out! When you’re dressing your kitchen, the backsplash will complete the look. It always amazes me how many homes do not have a backsplash. If you’re installing a new backsplash, and have not yet installed under cabinet lighting, I recommend installing the lighting first, as it will be much more difficult to properly run the electrical for it after the backsplash is installed.

6. Countertops 

It’s truly amazing what a new countertop can do for a kitchen. Most buyers today would prefer to see a granite or other stone countertop in a home, regardless of the price point of the house. Again, our focus is on move-in ready, so if the kitchen is likely to be fully renovated by the new homeowners within a couple of years, you may opt for a low-cost counter solution such as laminate, in an updated style/colour. If the kitchen has a great layout however, and the cabinets are in good shape, it’s unlikely that the new owners would take on a full renovation, in which case an upgrade to a stone countertop is a worthwhile investment. Take a look at this example:

This is a great example of a kitchen with a good layout, and good quality cabinets, but the counter makes it seem dated and uninviting. The home had been previously listed for approximately six months prior to calling Beyond The Stage Homes. The homeowners were concerned that we would suggest a full renovation, but instead we recommended adding a backsplash, new countertop, and updated cabinet hardware. The transformation was just what the home needed.

7. Appliances 

Most buyers expect to purchase all appliances with the home. While they may not need to be stainless, if they’re dated, or broken in any way, they should be replaced. Check out your local scratch and dent stores for good quality appliances at a discounted price.  

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