Saturday, February 3, 2018

Selling Your Home with Kids

I get it – you all have to live in your home while it's listed for sale...
The home-selling process can be very disruptive, and often stressful, on kids. You may want to recommend that they play a part in preparing their rooms for sale themselves, to help them with the transition. If you have any knowledge of their next home, you can also help to get them excited about getting their new home ready.
-       Engage your kids in the process – get them involved with deciding what will stay, and what will be packed for the new house.
-       Kid’s toys should be limited to their bedrooms and play area (if available). Remove all additional toys from the living room, kitchen, dining room, and other adult entertaining areas.
  -       If you need to have some toys in an adult area, considering investing in a wicker or canvas basket - fill with toys, and place a blanket over the top to cover. This will cleverly disguise your toy basket as a simple “blanket basket”!
-       Kid’s play areas are a great selling feature, in the right neighbourhood, if there is space available for them. Adding baskets to these areas will help to keep the toys contained, and somewhat organized.
-       Kid’s Rooms – Kids will be kids, but when selling a house, it’s important that to check their rooms each morning to ensure that the beds are made and toys put away.
-       Limit the toys to a maximum of 2 toy bins, and unless these are considered decorative, such as a storage bench, keep these bins stored away in the closet or under the bed.
-       Take advantage of your “free” storage areas – these are areas that prospective buyers will not be looking in and includes under beds, dresser drawers, and inside any other furniture that you own. Remember, if it is sold with the house, they will look inside, so avoid over-filling any built-in cabinets or closet spaces.
-       Tone down any accessories and wall coverings – since it’s a kid’s room, some toys or other fun items should be on display, but be sure that these are kept to a minimum as well, and aim for a few select larger items rather than multiple small items.

While parents have often joked about shipping their kids off for the time that the house is for sale, some clients have actually make arrangements for the kids to be out of town, or have an extended stay at grandparent’s house for the first week or two. This helps to minimize stress on everyone, and allow them to be more flexible with available showing times – this can result in a faster sale, and return to normal life.