Tuesday, September 12, 2017

11 Things We LOVE about Waterloo Region

Each month, the BTSH team meets to review past, current, and upcoming projects. Often, our discussion will lead us into a chat about some of our favourite places to shop, favourite restaurants, and weekend plans. So, we thought that we would put together a list of some of our favourite things about Waterloo Region and surrounding areas. This is a great city to discover, and we are proud to be a part of the community!

Did you know? Huffington Post reported that Waterloo is one of the top Canadian cities to live, touting our high-tech industry as a catalyst of this.

In a 2016 Moneysense report on the best places in Canada to live, Guelph ranked #10 and Waterloo #3. While this report touted economic factors, mobility factors, and even the weather, locals here have a long list of reasons for loving the area. Here are just a few of ours (not in ranking order, but simply in a random order, though we have noted each team member’s personal favourites):

1.     St Jacobs
With so much to do, what’s not to love about St. Jacobs! From the Farmer’s Market, a great place to stock up on farm to table fresh foods, to an up-close look at a traditional Mennonite culture that has built the community. The Kissing Bridge, Home Hardware, Picard Peanuts, the downtown shops, and even Darryl Sittler!

2.     The Grand River
The Grand River by Paris
(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)
The Grand River is the largest river that is entirely within southern Ontario's boundaries[1]. Flowing through Grand Valley, Fergus, Elora, Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Paris, Brantford, Caledonia, and Cayuga, the Grand River offers a spectacular scenic view, and draws countless canoers and kayakers during the warmer months. Prefer to stay on land? Take a walk along the Walter Bean Grand River trail, with access to more than 25% of the river’s watershed.

3.     Dare Foods
Did you know? The BTSH office is located within sniffing distance of Dare Foods! From their delicious cookies, to their savoury crisps, this family-owned business has been making delicious snacks for 125 years. What started out in Charles H. Doerr’s small grocery store in the then Berlin, Ontario (now Kitchener), has become an international favourite. Did you know? Dare Foods was one of North America’s first “peanut-free” food manufacturers.
Dare Foods Historical Photo (Photo Credit: Dare Foods Website)

4.     Weston’s
Photo Credit: WestonFoods.ca
Who doesn’t love to drive down Victoria Street in Kitchener to get a delicious whiff of fresh-baked bread! That scent tops pretty much every “best smells ever” list you can find, and in Kitchener, we get to experience it practically on the daily. 

5.     Uptown Waterloo (**Jennifer’s Favourite**)
Don’t you just love it when an outsider asks about Downtown Waterloo, and you quickly correct them, stating that it’s actually Uptown? Uptown Waterloo has earned this classy distinction through it’s shops, festivals, Waterloo Town Square, and it’s rich culture. Some of the region’s best eats can be found in the Uptown blocks.

6.     Ethnic Diversity (**Marina’s Favourite**)
Canada has always been proudly diverse, and this diversity is what has made us such a strong nation. This diversity can be found not only throughout our neighbourhoods, but in the restaurants that we offer, the local community stores, and the Universities and Colleges in the area. Being from an immigrant family herself, this one is naturally marked at Marina’s favourite. Waterloo Region has been a safe refuge for hundreds of years. Immigration to the region was at it’s highest from 1816 to the 1870s, with predominantly German settlers, and their influence continues to enrich our culture.

7.     Proximity to Surrounding Areas and Ease of Day-Trips
Enjoy visiting the bustling metropolitan of Toronto? How about a day-trip to wine-country in beautiful Niagara Falls? While Waterloo Region has lots of shopping and activities to offer, sometimes you just need a mini vacation, and Waterloo Region’s proximity to so many great major cities and tourist attractions allows for just that!

8.     Victoria Park
What’s not to love about Victoria Park? Featured this year on Murdoch Mysteries, Victoria Park offers a great place for a picnic, a scenic park to explore, wildlife, jogging paths, and so much more! You can even find your Chi with Yoga in the Park! A popular spot for wedding photos and events, this city-central park is a great place to unwind and enjoy the day.
Photo Credit: City of Kitchener

9.     Downtown Kitchener
Photo Credit: City of Kitchener
Host to great shops, restaurants, Centre in the Square, The Museum, Food Trucks, outdoor events and festivals and so much more, Kitchener’s downtown is rich in history. The LRT construction has been built with our Kitchener Downtown in mind, servicing numerous growing businesses, including Communitech, Google, Desire2Learn and more!

10.  Festivals and Celebrations, including of course, Oktoberfest (**Jen’s Favourite**)
Photo Credit: KW Multi-Cultural
Did you know? Kitchener’s Oktoberfest is the largest in North America, and is second in the world, next to Munich’s celebration of course. In addition, our Waterloo Region hosts numerous free and low-cost festivals and events throughout the region and throughout the year. From the Bluesfest of Downtown Kitchener to the Jazz Fest of Uptown Waterloo, not to mention our Ribfests, Multi-cultural festival, and too many more to mention.


11.  Construction (**Shauna Lynn’s Favourite**)
This one might get some haters, but Shauna Lynn has claimed this one as her personal favourite. Yes, the past couple of years have seen the most significant changes, and construction can make our commutes longer, not to mention that they are noisy, and often downright inconvenient. So, why did our owner mark this one as a favourite? It’s simple – construction is a sign of improvement and a good infrastructure sets a strong foundation for our city…literally. Our cities put forth a great effort to ensure that our drainage systems are working effectively, and as our city continues to grow, so do our infrastructure needs. Our region is always looking to the future, and takes a proactive approach to improvements rather a reactive approach. The considerations of any project include the short-term and long-term effect on residents, the cost to tax-payers, and the desired long-term outcome and sustainability. Yes, it can make things challenging when you are living or working in a construction zone, but it is our responsibility as a community to make every effort to support these businesses, even when it might take just a little longer to reach them.

Photos taken from down the road from the BTSH Office

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[1] Source: Wikipedia

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