Monday, January 15, 2018

Selling Your Home with Pets

When preparing your home for sale, the ultimate goal is to ensure that the home shows at it’s very best, and appeals to as many potential buyers as possible. This strengthens your chance of receiving quality offers, and selling the home quickly.

Unfortunately, not all buyers are pet lovers, and in fact, a home with pets can often be a cause of concern for many, especially for those with allergies. Evidence of pets such as toys, food dishes, and pet beds will also put potential buyers on the lookout for damage throughout the house that may have been caused by furry family members. By eliminating the presence of the pets in the home, buyers can focus on the home’s features, instead of scrutinizing and looking for flaws.

The BTSH team consists of serious animal lovers, and we are proud of our dedication to the animal community. We are all pet owners, and Shauna Lynn takes “crazy cat lady” to a whole new level. Despite this, our recommendations when selling a home with pets is always the same - consider removing all pets from the home, not only for showings, but for the duration of the sale. At the very least, aim for a temporary home for your furry family members for the first two weeks that the home is listed – this is when you receive the greatest amount of traffic and interest in the house. Approach trusted friends and relatives about opening their home to your fur babies. This will mean less stress on both you, and the pets. Animals can be incredibly sensitive to changes, and to strangers in the house (even when they are removed from the home for showings), and you won’t have the worry of trying to maintain the home with the fur, dirt, and other messes that these pets create for us.

If removing your pets is not an option, there are some steps that you can take to ensure that the evidence of them is minimized. To minimize any potential pet odours, ensure that all pets and pet areas are given a thorough cleaning. Opening the windows for a few minutes every day, regardless of the season, will help to remove any stale odours that may be lingering.

Selling Your Home With Cats
Selling your home can be especially stressful for cats, so it is strongly recommended that cat-owners find a temporary home for them while the house is on the market. Indoor cats, when left in the house for showings, often escape, whether by fright or negligence of the potential buyers.

If the cat(s) absolutely must remain in the house for showings, it is important that their presence is minimized as much as possible.

  • Litter box should be cleaned twice daily
  • Litter box should be completely emptied and washed at least once a week
  • Remove cat and litter box for showings if possible (sometimes this can be as simple as a car ride for the duration of the showing or open house)
  • Store food in an unmarked, opaque container – this will help to keep it hidden from buyers, as well as keep the food fresh
  • Remove all scratch trees, beds, and all toys
  • Ensure that their food area is kept clean and tidy, and remove it for showings
  • Vacuum and dust daily

Selling Your Home With Dogs
Dogs are a little easier to “hide” while a house is on the market. Usually, a homeowner (or a friend or family member) can remove the dog(s) for showings, if given sufficient notice. It is still recommended that a temporary home be found for dogs whenever possible, but if they must remain living in the house for the time that it is on the market, their presence should be minimized as much as possible.

  • Remove the dog for all showings
  • Hide all evidence (leashes, food, toys, beds, etc.)
  • Store food in an unmarked, opaque container – this will help to keep it hidden from buyers as well as keep the food fresh
  • Thoroughly clean all fabric surfaces (couch, carpet, rugs, bed, etc.)
  • Keep dog(s) well-groomed
  • Clean the house regularly
  • Keep the yard cleaned and patch any bare areas

To check out a few of the furry friends that we have had the pleasure of meeting and working with, check out our video here.

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