Monday, September 28, 2009

How To Host An End of Season BBQ To Remember - BTSH Around The House Tip of the Week

You’ve worked all summer long to get your home and yard looking fantastic, but what good is it if you don’t show it off? Before you shut down the outdoors for the season, why not host a Fall BBQ for your family and friends. Here are some tips for how to be sure that your party is a huge success:

The Entertainment
It is always a good idea to provide some sort of entertainment when you host a party. Music provides a nice background to any party theme. There are a few ways to do this, depending on what is available to you.

MP3 Player—Fill your mp3 player with your favourite songs, and create a playlist for the evening, whether it’s dance music, soft instrumental, country, etc., or perhaps you want a variety. Regardless, be sure to prepare a playlist in advance to ensure that the songs you don’t want anyone to know are in your mp3 library don’t randomly appear.

Instruments—If you have some friends that are musically inclined, encourage them to bring their instruments of choice, and set up a jam session. If you have instruments of your own on hand, such as guitars or hand drums, have these set out so that guests may be encouraged to join in.

Live Music—Often local, up and coming music artists will perform at private parties for minimal costs in an effort to increase exposure. Go online to find some local talent, and contact them about what their fees are. You may even be able to take up a collection with your guests to help to subsidize the cost.

The Food

First thing you need to decide when it comes to the food is whether or not you wish to do pot-luck style. This means that each guest would be responsible for bringing a dish. If you choose this route, you will want to be sure to coordinate in advance who is bringing what to ensure that you have enough food, and avoid duplicates. If you wish to do the cooking yourself, choose a theme and be sure your dishes compliment one another. This can be based on local seasonal vegetables, or flavours of the south, fall flavours inspired by thanksgiving comfort foods, or perhaps after a particular culture, such as Caribbean. If you have only one BBQ and are expecting a large crowd, consider cooking some items on the stove or in the oven.

The Setting
Since the season is known for cooler nights, be sure to prepare for this. Begin festivities early in the afternoon, to maximize the sunshine exposure. Advise guests that wish to stay into the evening to bring appropriate attire. If possible, provide an outdoor heat source, such as a bon fire, or a heat lamp (these can often be rented from party supply stores).

Although fall is not known for having a lot of pests around, it is a good idea to have some citronella candles and/or torches just in case. They provide a nice soft glow that helps to set the mood, and deter pesky bugs.

Be prepared with an entertaining area inside where guests can mingle in case of rain, or extremely chilly temperatures.

Good friends always means good times, so remember most importantly to enjoy yourself, no matter what.

Written by Shauna Lynn, Beyond The Stage Homes

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