Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thanks "Rent My Dad"!!

Have some small repairs in your home that need to be done but you just never seem to get to them? You probably figure you've lived with them this long, what's a little longer? I always advise my clients before listing their homes that if it seems like a small repair, then it should be taken care of before listing the house. While it may no longer bother you, it will be noticed by potential buyers.

I consider myself quite handy, and manage to do most of my own repairs around my house, but some I don't feel comfortable attacking, and others I simply don't have the right tools. I've cashed in favours with friends, but favours mean their schedule, not yours, and there's no guarantee of their work. Well, now I feel like I have my own personal handyman! "Rent My Dad"specializes in small jobs, is professional, reasonably priced, and does fantastic work. I recently hired Todd from Rent My Dad for some minor repairs in my own home, and will now recommend him to ALL my clients! Thanks Todd!!

If you need some help around the house, call Todd today!

Todd Hallissey
Tel: (519) 669-9967
Email: rentmydad@hotmail.ca

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  1. I agree. I've used Todd several times and have been very pleased with his work. Would defiantely contine using his services!


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