Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love Your Home - Day 2

In honour of Valentine's, Love Your Home Week continues:

Re-Arrange Your Space

Sometimes we get so accustomed to our room layout, that it doesn’t occur to us to change it. In Home Staging, I find that the number one problem with most homes is the furniture arrangement. Every consultation I do includes at least one new furniture arrangement, sometimes more. It’s amazing what re-configuring can do to a space. Be sure to measure before doing any heavy lifting. For rooms that are used often for entertaining, determine your focal point. If you have a fireplace, or distinct architectural features, this can be obvious. Otherwise, perhaps it’s a bold painting, or a focal wall, or maybe it’s a vignette. Whatever it is, once you have determined your focal point, arrange the furniture to compliment it instead of distracting from it, or worse yet, hiding it. If re-arranging the furniture isn't feasible, consider updating the room with a colourful area rug. This is an especially great decorating tip for apartments, where painting may not be an option.

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