Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting Rid of Unwanted Items - Purging

If you've started your spring cleaning, it's likely that you're reluctant to part with items that seemingly can still be useful. To determine what to keep and what to get rid of, evaluate the last time you used the item:

Kitchen - if it has not been used within the last year, chances are that it's not necessary

Clothes/shoes - if you go an entire season without wearing an article that is suited for that season, then it's time to purge

Tools - most likely duplicates are not necessary when it comes to tools, but often happens through gifts, or buying sets, so remove all duplicates (the average homeowner should be able to fit all hand tools in a standard tool box).

Home Decor - this includes linens, throws, and knick knack accessories. Take a look around the rooms in your home and decide whether or not the shelves are looking cluttered. Have you picked up new items without and simply added to the existing? My rule is no more than 3 accessories for any shelf, mantel, or table.

Spend the weekend purging your closets, cupboards, and shelves, and tune in Monday for what to do with these unwanted items!

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