Friday, April 29, 2011

Save Our Peat Bogs!!

I like to pride myself on being environmentally conscious and responsible, but I have been corrected on a mistake that I've been making for years!

I often talk about planting seeds indoors prior to last frost so that your plants can be ready to plant once the temperatures and ground warm up. I have been recommending using peat pots to do this, since these can be transplanted directly into your garden in the pot. Here are some things that I did not know!

- It takes about 220 years to replace the peat stripped from the land in one year
- Harvesting peat releases carbon dioxide, a known greenhouse gas
- Peat bogs have the amazing ability to remove harmful impurities from water
- Peat bogs hold 10% of the worlds fresh water

This year I purchased Planters' Pride Biodegradable Pellet Greenhouse Kit. Incredibly easy to use, no need for potting soil, and even came with a humidity dome! I've planted my seeds and am now anxiously awaiting the first sprouts.

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