Friday, March 23, 2012

Decorating Tip - Buy It!!

I know, women everywhere are showing this post to their husbands - "See? She's a professional, she's telling me to spend money!"

What I mean by "Buy it" is that you need to shop to find the right pieces for your home, and sometimes you really can't tell if something is going to work until you get it into your house, in your lighting, surrounded by your things. When I'm staging a home, I always explain that it's easy for me to decorate their home because I have a practically unlimited supply of items to choose from - it's like bringing the store to their house and choosing which items work best. Pay attention to a store's return policies, most offer hassle-free returns, and if you're unsure of what is going to look best then simply buy more than what you need and return what you don't use. In essence, bring the store home.

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