Monday, November 9, 2015

Buyer Perception - What they REALLY see

Living in your home, and selling your home are very different. It's important to identify what a buyer will see during an open house or walk through, and the conclusions they are likely to draw from what they see. Helping to eliminate "distractions" will help buyers see the true potential and value of a home, which is always in the seller's best interest. 
By identifying and addressing these with the homeowner, from the buyer’s perspective, your home stager can help you understand the importance of their recommendations. Remember – it’s not what buyer’s see, it’s what they perceive.
For example, take some of these common items in your home and compare them to the perception they leave with prospective buyers:

What Buyers See
What Buyers Perceive
Bins and boxes in closets
There is no storage space
Out of place items – toiletries in the linen closet, pantry items in the hall closet, etc
There isn’t sufficient space where these items belong

Pet items - anything

Any knicks/scratches were caused by pets 

Knicks and scratches on walls/baseboards, etc

The home has not been well cared for

Dirty appliances (oven especially)

The whole house was dirty before listing

Air fresheners

Homeowner is covering something up

Magazines in a bathroom

“I spend time in here”

Builder’s Basic fixtures

No updates have been done to the house

Pots and Pans in the oven

Lack of storage in the kitchen

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