Monday, July 1, 2019

How Selling Your Home is Like Modern-Day Dating

Traditionally, most dating experiences began with a first date, but in today’s dating era, getting that first date can be harder than ever. In fact, your first experience begins online, and it’s all about how you position yourself, and the marketing techniques that you use. Having a great headshot is a really good start. As much as we all like to believe that we do not judge a book by it’s cover, our initial impressions need to start somewhere. Understanding the principles of marketing will help you to get your first date, through the online photos, the bio, and using the right words to create an initial connection.
Of course, with all of the options out there today, once you get that first date you then need to show all that you’ve got in order to get that second date with your future potential spouse!
When it comes to selling your home, this same practice applies, which is why many turn to home staging as an effective part of their marketing strategy, to help them to highlight their home’s features, and to make a lasting first impression.
If you are looking to sell your home, here are a few of our tips to help you to get that first date and beyond:

People have options, so they don’t just “settle” 

Just as with looking for a significant other, homebuyers have a “list” of their wants and their needs, and with the easy access to other homes on the market, your home will be compared to several others.
According to a joint survey between the National Association of Realtors® and Google:
-       90% of homebuyers searched online during their home buying process.
-       Buyers will perform an average of 11 searches prior to taking action on a real estate site.
This means that 90% of buyers will see your listing along with 10 others, prior to contacting you to view the listings.

It starts online, with a photo 

That first impression is EVERYTHING. When a photo catches a buyer’s eye, they will click on it to learn more, but if the photo doesn’t pop, then they will pass it by. Today’s attention spans are lower than they have ever been, and it’s all too easy to move on (or swipe left).
How much time do you have to capture your buyer’s attention?
According to Google, “2 seconds is the threshold…” Maile Ohye, from Google
That’s right – 2 seconds! That’s barely the blink of an eye!

The photo needs to match the experience

No one likes a bait and switch. Once buyers are in the door, they want to develop a connection to your home immediately, and what they see first-hand should reflect what they saw in the photos. Home staging helps to ensure that your home captures their attention from the moment that they walk in, and helps to draw them in, selling them on the full experience of living in your home.
According to a Microsoft study in 2016, the average human being now has an attention span of only 8 seconds, less than that of a goldfish, and the lowest that has ever been seen.
Always ensure that your online listing photos are kept current. If you stage your property after listing it for sale, be sure to have your online photos updated to reflect this, and keep the property staged until you have successfully completed the sale.

Increased expectations and endless wish list

With so many options available, today’s daters set their sights high, and they have a long list of qualities that they are looking for in the perfect mate. They want the fantasy, the romantic fairy-tale ending, and they want it all with very little work and effort. They are not willing to compromise on most of their “list”, but for the right person, they just might make a compromise or two if they feel a connection.
Today’s homebuyers are very much the same. They want a move-in ready home that they can enjoy right away, and entertain friends and family. Big or small, they do not want to have to take on any home update/repair projects right away, even for the right price. Today’s technology has made us all busier than ever before, so our home is our oasis, a place where we can enjoy time with loved ones. A move-in ready home refers to a home that the new owners can enjoy immediately, and while there may be some long-term updates needed, the basic repairs are done, and the home is aesthetically pleasing overall. As a part of your home staging plan, your home stager will address all areas that might put off potential buyers, allowing you the opportunity to address these before your home hits the market, helping you maximize your sale.
Is your home’s profile ready to go live on the MLS dating site, or does it need a fresh headshot and maybe a new outfit or two first? To get your home date-worthy, contact the experts at Beyond The Stage Homes, and book your comprehensive home staging consultation today!

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