Monday, August 10, 2009

Blog, Blog, Blog... - BTSH Around The House Tip of the Week

Getting your blog on these days is easier than ever. You can find someone out there talking about pretty much any topic under the sun! This week I thought that I would draw some attention to some fellow bloggers that I like to check in on frequently.

Style At

Not just a great magazine, Style At Home is also online, with lots of great tips for every area of your home. They also feature some great blogs, one of my favourites being “Favourite Things” by Natalie Bahadur. Natalie is the editor for, and loves everything pretty for house and home.

Eco Logic by Jessica Ross

This is a fairly new one that I’ve stumbled across. The web address for it is The name pretty much says it all. Jessica Ross works for Homemakers magazine, and writes about ways to simply reduce the overall effect that you have on the environment. She seems to have a similar philosophy to me. As I mentioned in my article on July 13 (Healthy Living Starts With Your Home—Cleaning Naturally), you don’t have to be a tree hugging hippie to appreciate what makes good common sense these days. I admit that perhaps not all my habits are putting the environment first, but every little effort that we each put into it truly does make a difference. I’m not an environmentalist in the traditional sense of the term, and neither is Jessica. She simply writes about her experiences as she tries to reduce her carbon footprint. Whether you’re taking your liquor bottles back to the beer store for your refund, or bringing your environmentally friendly re-usable bag to the store so you don’t have to pay for bags, or if you go as far as Jessica did, and try out a Hybrid, it all adds up.

The Consumerist

I was actually surprised to find myself so intrigued by this site. talks about consumer related information, everything “from non-existent customer service to onerous cell-phone contracts to ever-shrinking (and ever-more-expensive) grocery products”. It is not-for-profit, does not take any advertising or sponsorship, and speaks nothing but the truth. I found myself relating to my own personal experience (most recently Sat. Aug 8/09 post stated that Dell’s tech support was the worst of those surveyed—I use a Dell, and after calling for help with my CD drive which the computer suddenly decided didn’t exist any more, I was told in an indistinguishable foreign accent that since my computer was over a year old, they would need to charge me $49.95 to help me over the phone to fix my computer myself). If only I had seen this blog first! Before you buy, check out what this site has to say about the product, or the company.

Written by Shauna Lynn, Beyond The Stage Homes

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