Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thrift Store Finds - BTSH Around The House Tip of the Week

Ok, so it’s not exactly a secret that I spend my spring hunting around at garage sales, and the rest of the year I can be found often at various thrift stores throughout town. I am also a bit of a kijiji junkie. I like to find good quality items with potential, and transform them into something great. Here are a few reasons why I’m addicted to thrift, as well as my latest finds.

One of a Kind

I suppose technically the item itself, in it’s original condition, may be one of many. Chances are however that this item can no longer be purchased in stores. The more vintage the item is, the better your chances are that you will not walk into your friends house and see that she has the same vase, picture, plate, whatever! I love IKEA, and Pier 1, and of course Crate and Barrel (welcome to Canada CB). They have new innovations all the time, and have a team of extremely talented designers working hard every day to create the next big thing in home fashions. Nonetheless, there is nothing more frustrating then walking into a home, and immediately recognizing their living room as page 32 of the latest IKEA catalogue, or worse yet, seeing a mirror of your own home! My best advice, when shopping at any of these stores, is moderation. Pick a few select items from each store, but be sure to add variety, and a little of your own personality into each one.

Repurposing is a GREEN idea

This is a fairly common theme to my articles, but I cannot stress enough that you do not need to be a hardcore environmentalist to think green. I myself am not, however I am always looking at ways that I can make a difference. Whether it’s as simple as applying some paint to give an item a facelift, or finding a whole new use, such as making a planter for your garden out of an old barrel, by repurposing second-hand items, we are giving them new life, and reducing the waste that would be sent to landfills.

Saving Money

While some may look at thrift stores with the idea of saving money as their top priority, you can shop for unique finds no matter what your budget. As well, being thrifty isn’t just about buying thrift items. You can do your part simply by donating to your local thrift stores. For large items that you don’t want to just give away, I definitely recommend using www.kijiji.ca. It’s a free classified site, and you can buy or sell pretty much anything. Why not make some money from those unwanted items you have around your house. One person’s trash really is another’s treasure. And speaking of treasures, check out some of my latest thrift store finds (pictured on the left)! Stay tuned to upcoming articles as I show you how I find purpose for these one of a kind pieces.

Written By: Shauna Lynn, Beyond The Stage Homes

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