Friday, August 27, 2010

Controlling Pests - ATH Tip from BTSH

Warm weather and humidity can bring many unexpected guests. No, I’m not talking about family and friends “popping in” this summer, I’m talking about the unwelcome little critters that can be found in and around your home. Here are some natural methods for ridding your home of these pests:

Fruit Flies
I have heard a lot of remedies for getting rid of fruit flies, but the one that I find works best is the “trap”. Place a piece of fruit in a jar (something sweet like strawberries or peaches I find works best). Pour vinegar in the bottom of the jar, about 1/2 cm. Place the lid on the jar, and poke holes in the lid. The fruit flies will be attracted to the fruit, and get trapped in the jar, then drown in the vinegar.

If you have found the ants entry point to your home, the best solution is to patch the hole, but if it’s not that simple, then sprinkle coffee grinds or mint leaves around it to deter future entry. Sprinkle chilli powder or cinnamon in their path. Make a natural repellent of citrus peelings and water in a blender and pour it over the anthill. To create a bait, mix Borax with confections’ sugar.

Only cool around Halloween, and then it’s only the fake ones that I like!

First off, keep all other bugs out of your home in order to prevent spiders from setting up shop. Spiders eat other bugs, so if they don’t have an easy meal to catch, they’ll look elsewhere. Of course, if you have a real bug problem, leave spiders as the last pest to rid your home of, as they’ll help you get rid of the others!

I like to vacuum any nests that I find, but you can use a broom as well if your vacuum doesn’t have an attachment that will reach. Essential oils are great to killing spiders. To keep spiders from returning, mix soap, water, and citrus oil and spray areas that spiders like to hang out.

Prevent Return Visits!
In order to prevent the return of these pests, be sure to keep your home clean!
- Wipe counters and tables with a mix of vinegar and water
- Be sure that all holes are patched and vents are screened
- Don’t let food sit out
- Be sure your garbage has a tight fitting lid, and empty regularly.
- Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink
- Don’t allow water to sit out for a long time

Written by Shauna Lynn, Beyond The Stage Homes

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