Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Plan A Garden

It may seem backwards to plan a garden at the end of a season, but I like to do this each year with my garden. With the main growing season coming to an end, I can clearly remember what grew well, what didn’t, what looked good, and what didn’t. For example, this year, I planted my cucumbers too close to my lettuce, and the cucumbers ended up smothering the lettuce. Next year I plan to build a small container wall for my cucumbers, and move them to a location where they can really branch out. Better Homes and Gardens offers a great garden planner, and it’s easy to use. Plan next year’s garden now. Did you plant something in the shade that didn’t do well? Consider moving it in the spring. Do you need more colour your garden? Consider adding some summer bloomers next year. Keep your ideas fresh in your mind by planning now!


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