Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Home Renos 101 Day 3 - Lighting

Once again, think about the use of the room. Do you require task lighting, ambient lighting, accent lighting, or decorative lighting?

Ambient lighting is meant to be soft and "out of sight", that is not from an obvious source. It works best as a calming and neutral background.
Accent lighting is used to highlight features and add interest to a room or detail. Often this is wired directly into the wall.
Task lighting is meant to provide direct light for working, such as in an office or kitchen. It provides visual clarity and helps to focus the mind on the job.
Decorative lighting is less effective if it has to compete with too much task or accent lighting. The scheme it occupies should rely on a discreet balance of elements and act as a unifier and/or focal point.
Recall your questions from Day 1 to allow you to determine what type of lighting you require.

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