Thursday, December 1, 2011

Home Renos 101 Day 4 - Choosing Wall Coverings - Paint/Wallpaper

Once you have chosen the floor, it's time to decide on the walls. If you are working with any existing furniture or decorative pieces, be sure to keep these in mind when choosing style and colours.

Wallpaper - much easier to hang and remove then ever, with some fantastic modern designs available! 

Paint - don't be afraid to use a little colour! If you want to bring colour in from decorative sources instead of paint, there is a great variety of beautiful neutral colours that are not your typical beige. Consider grey taupes, and yellows, and even a light green. 

Whatever you are choosing, whether it is paint, or wallpaper, or both, be sure bring your samples into the room that you are renovating, with the lighting you are intending to use. Do not use extra lighting to "get a better view" as the extra lighting will change how the colours looks.

Interior decorating professionals have access to a large number of paint chips, and allow you to browse through hundreds of colours on site, saving you several trips to the paint store. they can also provide wallpaper ideas and samples. Remember that the lighting at the store is different then the lighting at home, so consider outsourcing this part to a professional. For information on BTSH Colour Consultations, click here.

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