Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beautiful Bouquets of...Leaves?

That’s right! Create a beautiful arrangement of leaves fresh from your own yard or neighbourhood (if you plan to use your neighbours leaves, be sure to get permission first). Before the leaves have all changed and fallen for the season, be sure to enjoy them one last time. Fill a vase as you would with flowers, but instead use fresh leaves. Mix your greens with some colourful leaves if you have some available, such as from a Japanese Maple tree. Treat the leaves as you would flowers and cut the stems on an angle using clean, sharp scissors, then put in water right away. You can use leaves from your trees, or look to the plants in your garden as well. At this time of year, I know that my hosta leaves are big and bold, and I love to show them off. They’ll brighten up your house, and make for a great conversation piece.

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