Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Curb Appeal - Day 3 - Cost Effective Improvements

So you’ve decided perhaps your house could use an exterior “facelift” afterall. Here are 10 cost effective improvements that you can do to improve curb appeal, without hurting your wallet:

1.       Paint the front door – If your home is a neutral colour consider brightening it with a bold coloured door. Not sure what colour to choose? Again, you’ll need to take an objective look, so from across the street, take a look at your house, as well as the surrounding area. Do you notice any punchy colours that perhaps you can compliment with your front door? Consider also painting window frames and shutters to match.

2.       Add some mulch to your garden, and around your trees. Not only will this give a clean, fresh look to your yard, but it’s great for your plants and trees. Mulch helps to control weeds and retains moisture, so less watering is required. Mulch is available in a variety of colours, so find one that blends well with your exterior.

3.       Re-seal the driveway – Sealing the driveway helps to preserve the ashphalt and prevent cracks and damage, it makes cleaning, plowing, and shovelling easier, and improves the overall look of the driveway.

4.       Upgrade your house number to a custom plaque

5.       Replace your outdoor light fixture

6.       Add solar/led garden lighting

7.       Powerwash the exterior of your house to remove built up grime

8.       Re-stain your porch

9.       Add a fresh coat of paint to your railing

10.   Add some potted plants to your porch and/or walkway

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